"It is a wise child that knows his own father"

June 27, 2017

Or so the proverb goes....................!



My family gifted me a 23andMe DNA testing kit a couple of years ago and, I am intrigued by the results.


See photo below of my great grandfather, James Eccles, born in Thornley, Chipping, Lancashire in 1849.


My paternal halpogroup n1c1a / N-M178 is Finno-Ugric. None of my 1275 currently listed relatives have the same halpogroup. Yet I am deemed to be British and Irish and 100% Northern Western European.



So where did my paternal ancestors come from?


My DNA test proves I have a distant ancestor in common with Rurick (the Viking), who founded the Russian Rurick Dynasty in Novgorod around AD 862. Also with Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, who ruled an area stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea from AD 1316 to AD 1341.


This begs the question?

How did my DNA travel from Finland to Chipping, Lancashire, where my great, great, great grandfather's baptism was recorded in 1780.




The television series "The Vikings", recently filmed close to where I live in Co. Wicklow, may hold a key to my ancestral past!..........................Of course I am only speculating!


Ragnar Lodbrok the Viking, made major incursions into England in AD865. He was finally defeated by King Aelle of Northumberland, captured and killed.


His angry relatives then organized a "Great Heathen Horde" to seek revenge. They besieged and captured York in AD866. Danelaw was then imposed over a large part of England till AD954, when the death of King Eric of Northumbria, marked the end of the Northern Viking Kingdom.


The "Horde" is said to have included Baltic allies of the Vikings (my ancestors?), who no doubt, left their seed with local females to celebrate victory.


By AD 841, Dublin was already under the control of the Vikings and, the Ribble Vally was an important overland route linking Dublin with York. This route passes through the Pennine Gap at Skipton and through Ribchester, which is strategically located on the banks of the River Ribble and dates from Roman times. Maybe one of my Finnish ancestors traveled this route and decided to settle in and around Ribchester?


The Village of Chipping is close to Ribchester........................hence a possible ancestral connection!




The DNA test results, did of course change my previously held illusions!

Perhaps my ancestors were not "cave painters" after all.......................!




N-M178 halpogroup

Varangian Russes

Rurikid Dynasty

The Danelaw


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