Blog: Encouraging The Kids!

May 23, 2008



It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was a child at school in Lancashire. Back then, real artists were an extinct species – well they were as far as I was concerned! Local art galleries had plenty of artists work, mostly in the form of precious old Victorian paintings, but these were not on view, rather stored in cellars, away from the public gaze – and the German bombs! It was years before the cost of returning them to public view could be politically justified, so the only paintings I got to see were those in books or posters on the classroom walls. I just wish that some artist had visited my class in the late 1940’s and given a painting demonstration.


That is why I am delighted to be asked to demonstrate to school children in Lancashire. It is now some years since I was last asked to demonstrate to pupils, in France, where art has always been an integral part of the French culture, so it's about time I did something like this again!

School children are fantastic – they are all so different – each child has the potential to be a painter, each child in its own way. The hard part is to challenge the organisational “mind set” which comes from years of “abc” and “123”. Art is sensory and spontaneous and owes nothing to competitive achievement----------!


May so far has been such a busy month for me and I am very grateful to everyone who has loaned their support. I would especially like to thank Julie and Chris McCabe, at the Art Decor Gallery, for their help in ensuring that my Solo Exhibition in early May was such a success. Thanks also to David Bentley, the soccer star, for opening the Exhibition – David, you made my night!

I have more solo exhibitions coming throughout the year, so keep checking the news section of my site for all the latest info!

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